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Don't delay Say NO to diabetes

  • Maintains correct weight
  • It improves the quality of sleep
  • Normalizes sugar levels
  • Has a beneficial effect on the work of organs

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100% safe without hidden costs

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Insulimer is effective and available to everyone

The first effects are visible even after 2 weeks from the start of the treatment

  • Improves blood flow
  • Normalizes weight
  • Keeps sugar at the right level
  • Prevents fatigue and migraines

"I have no doubt about the effectiveness of Insulimer. It is an effective and safe formula that combines natural ingredients. The agent cares for the proper functioning of the pancreas and liver, and additionally helps to control weight.

However, the main task of the supplement is to normalize the body's sugar level. "

I recommend it
to everyone!


Diabetes specialist

Effective and proven

80% of people confirm the effect of the supplement in the first 2 weeks

Normalized sugar level, treatment allows for immediate glucose stabilization

By buying Insulimer you save, because you do not spend on other funds

See for yourself. Try Insulimer

I want to try Insulimer now

Don't wait for the worst, prevent it

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are inherited, but the susceptibility is greater if:

Your BMI is too high because of being overweight

You lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not engage in physical activity

You have incorrect glucose tolerance

Blood glucose levels in 100 people who tested it

Milligrams per 100ml of blood

Less = Better






0 dni

5 dni

10 dni

15 dni

20 dni

30 dni

From 70 to 99 mg / dL can be considered as a normal level of sugar in the body

They took care of their sugar level, and you?

My wife talked me into Insulimer. I am delighted with the course of treatment. Finally, I feel alive. And my sugar is at the right level! "


My sugar spiked like crazy, that's why I decided to take a treatment. After just 2 weeks, glucose was fine. "


Thanks to Insuliner I am finally able to control my weight. And the sugar is just right. "


Safe, natural and safe composition

It's a unique product!

Certified quality

Dietary supplement with the highest quality ingredients that meets all safety requirements

Bitter Melon

It maintains normal blood glucose levels. It has anti-cancer properties and is able to kill cells.

Gymnema sylvestre

Has a positive effect on the work of the pancreas and liver. In addition, it reduces the craving for sweets and normalizes sugar levels.

Cat's claw

It strengthens immunity, it is used as an anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, it regulates cholesterol levels.

White mulberry

It is recommended to consume it when you have diabetes or want to lose weight. Takes care of the correct level of sugar in the body.

Most frequently asked questions

1. What is Insulimer?
Insulimer is a supplement that regulates sugar levels in the body.
2. Does Insulimer produce any side effects?
The product contains only natural and safe ingredients which guarantees us no side effect. 100% natural goodness locked into a capsule enables you to enjoy its incredible effects.
3. What is the recommended dosage of Insulimer?
Take 1 capsule with plenty of water.
4. How much can one pack of Insulimer do? 
One package is enough to start the treatment.
5. How many capsules are there in a pack of Insulimer?
One packet contains 30 Stormcum capsules.
6. How long will I wait for delivery?
The package should reach you within 24h.
7. May I pay for Insulimer on delivery?
Of course we provide this service: you may pay by bank transfer or on delivery.
8. Can it be ordered from abroad? 
Yes it can be ordered from abroad. 

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